The MAN behind the scenes

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My name is Mohamed, but you can call me Med for short.


Working with growing brands made Molt grow from a creative freelancer to a creative brand. A freelancer/designer who studied electronics to end up pursuing his passion, creating and designing distinctive visual identities.


Embracing the "less is more" philosophy and driven by clients' trust, Molt's mission is to molt* growing brands -big or small-, design them a unique mark and/or a visual identity, to gain the full confidence and pride towards their visual identity, stand out, and grow even more in this crowded era.

*When a living species molts, it replaces its covering (feather, fur, skin...) with a new growth, as "molt" helps brands replace their current identities with a new appealing one.


Molt believes how good design is powerful enough to:
- make the world a more appealing place,
- communicate with the subconscious level of the brain to make people interact more and spend more.

Let's raise your head high with a compelling brand identity design!


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