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Brand identity design
BniDark's page logo and pattern blue background
Established since 2000, providing the best value for money house products from construction to final touches. After the new CEO took over in 2019, we (as one of the decision makers) decided to take this business to the next level regarding the great success and reputation it has, so we branded the whole business from scratch including the name, which translates to "Build Your-Home".
BniDark's page logo and pattern yellow background
BniDark logo explained
The challenge was to design a brand new logo that is familiar and yet distinctive and simple, without letting the old customers feel foreign toward the brand.
BniDark stationnaryBniDark's other elements
The pattern is what connects the whole elements to the brand. It's inspired by the logo, by reflecting the logo's two strokes to each others.
BniDark note bookBniDark lanyard
BniDark t-shirt and hat
Let's raise your head high with a compelling identity design!


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