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Droguerie Fikri Sanitaire Marrakech

Brand's Visual Identity Design
Droguerie Fikri Sanitaire Marrakech, being the first business providing sanitary products in their city (Est. 1995), were looking for a brand identity that would stand out for them to keep them ahead of the competition, despite the long name, which is the reason behind the different weights on the wordmark, and on making the logo more visible to make it easier to memorize than the name.
Sanitary is all about one concept for either a sink, a bath tub, a bidet, a shower or even a toilet. There is always a tap and a base for water to fall into, that's where I got the idea of the logo. The square shape and the bold stroke is portraying trustworthiness for their customers.
We can use the logo dynamically to represent each of the products such as a sink (the initial logo), a shower or a bath tub... And at the same time expand it to match the elements of the brand as shown in all of these images.
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